Welcome to Wyse Solutions

Wyse Solutions are the UK's leading independent management advisors in printing, copying and document production and procurement. We specialise in providing unbiased, strategic advixe and direction to our clients, which creates a powerful combination of benefits such as cost reduction, improved service provision, and reducing environmental emissions. Our independence is the key to our success. We have nothing else to sell apart from our clear business advice. We are totally self-funding - it pays for itself within months. As vendor independent consultants, we are not linked to suppliers such as copier manufacturers, hardware, software companies or printers.

BREAKING NEWS: Wyse Solutions appointed by cross-Government Consortium (RM1599 Lot 4 Winner) to provide independent advice to the Public Sector | Find out how to take advantage of this new framework agreement and generate substantial savings

Education Consultancy

Wyse Solutions has a proven track record in the higher education sector and deliver exceptional value (we expect to be able to save universities between 15-40% on their current print and production spending.

We have been helping this sector to make efficiency savings and service improvements for nearly 10 years.

Government Sectors

£166bn is spent in Local Government each year in the UK, and document production and management makes up approximately £1bn of this figure.

Even though it may appear hard, efficiency savings can be found in this area without loss of service or quality.

Wyse Solutions has been helping Councils achieve great results.

Commercial and Business Sector

Business has suffered through the recession and there are more testing times to come.

Businesses need to review all lines of cost in order to remain competitive.

Wyse has excellent market knowledge and itelligence to assist any organisation, no matter how sophisticated the procurement that is already in place.

Charity Sector

Donations are down, lottery funding has been redirected, charities are under an increasing pressure with rising costs.

Wyse Solutions has worked with a number of major charities to review their document production.

Our assistance has enabled these charites to direct money away from overheads into worthy projects that are desperate for funding.

Legal Sector

The leading 100 legal firms in the UK spend large amounts of money on printing and document management.

The space that hard copy printing takes up, transporting and sharing large bundles of legal data, and the time it takes to search and cross-reference using documents is ever increasing and greatly affecting how the service is delivered and managed.