Wyse Solutions: Auditing Services

Wyse Solutions audit service covers every aspect of the document life-cycle. Historically, print and copying has been a hidden cost, and in most organisations, has been left to spiral out of control.

Wyse Solutions Auditing Services for Print, Copying, Document Production and Procurement ...

As a result of recent industry developments, there is now a drive to manage the associated costs of document output which have previously been uncontrolled.

The audit process we undertake incorporates these steps:

  • Gain a better understanding of the total cost associated with print, copy, marketing communications
  • Understand all requirements - colour vs mono, A3 vs A4, scanning and archiving
  • Identify all print/copy assets and relative costs
  • Identify problem areas and unncessary waste
  • Outsource where appropriate
  • Build a business case for necessary improvements
  • Fleet design based on individual requirements and organisational goals
  • Technology recommendations based on organisational challenges
  • Assess external suppliers
  • VAT efficiency from document production

The backbone of our auditing service is a comprehensive analysis, supported by a business report detailing your current print environment, with key recommendations and an implementation plan outlining a suggested strategy for improvement. We positively welcome working with clients on implementation projects.

Our aim of the audit is to recommend the best, most appropriate solution with the optimum cost benefit to the client. In certain cases, we might recommend keeping existing equipment that has a reasonable running cost and only replacing equipment proving to be financially uneconomical.