Print, document production and management solutions for Local Government

The Coalition Government have announced that they are planning to reduce expenditure across the entire Public Sector. Initiially, it was stated that cuts of up to 25% would be implemented, but for some departments, this has now been increased to potentially 40%.

Of the £166bn spent on Local Government, printing, copying and document management make up approximately £1bn of this figure. This is one key area where significant effeciency savings can be found, and will deliver funds back to frontline services with a minimum of disruption.

Wyse solutions has been at the forefront of working with Local Government for nearly 10 years, delivering value for money, with improved service provision.

Print and Document Production might seem like a simple topic, but in Local Government it can be complex, the range of documents produced being both vast and varied. The speed of production and volumes needed may well mean that
in-house production is necessary, while on other occasions out-sourcing work might be the only sensible option.

Producing a clear, consistent and structured 'Document Production Strategy' is a starting point for implementing improvements that lead to efficiencies and savings, process enhancements and improved quality assurance. Wyse has the expert knowledge that is needed in relation to print, document handling, and more importantly, understands the public sector requirements and issues. This enables us to provide advice and recommendations that really work and deliver change that lasts and that creates permanent savings and improvements.

In Local Government, it is conservatively estimated that there is an opportunity to save over £250,000,000 in printing and copying alone!

Contact Wyse Solutions today to see how you can make the necessary budget reductions while still achieving, and in most cases, surpassing your current productivity levels. All with the usual Wyse Solutions commitment, "No Savings, No Fees".

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Education Case Studies


A major Council in London attempted to set up a print Framework Agreement on two occasions, but in each case, aborted the tender due to several technical and contractual issues.
Following the aborted attempts, Wyse was engaged to identify their issues, benchmark the pricing, and manage the print tender on the Councils behalf. We initially indicated savings of 10 -15% on a budget of circa £1m.

Due to the efficiencies we introduced, we ended up delivering savings of 35% on the original budget, as well as implementing a fixed price matrix, and a robust Service Level Agreement. The contract has been running successfully for nearly 5 years.


A local district authority in the Midlands had a significant problem with an ageing and unreliable printer fleet which limited its efficiency. There was a lack of a coherent print strategy, the desktop printer costs were out of control, and they were unable to accommodate key business processes on site. Wyse undertook a comprehensive print review, and following close consultation with the users, we matched the business processes and overall print requirements to the latest technology. This included significantly downsizing and replacing the office printer fleet with a smaller, more cost effective and productive printing solution.

The outcome of this rationalisation led to savings of £325,000 over 5 years. It also led to greater cost awareness and cost control, and consolidated the print management structure. Other benefits included a reduction in the burden on IT support and administration, and enhanced functionality at all levels of the district authority's business.