Wyse Solutions: In-House Design, Print< Copier and Repprographics Units

Typical reprographics departments are generally under utilised (or produce large deficits) due to a range of reasons, including poor management, lack of investment in technology, user awareness, low expectations, paper processes for job submission and cost capture, and perceived high internal charges.

Wyse Solutions review service for In-house Design, Print, Copier and Reprographics Units ...

Wyse Solutions offers a complete review service of in-house units to identify the extent to which they are fit for purpose, addressing areas such as workflow, utilisation levels (staff and equipment) and technical requirements, as well as identifying the viability of the unit operating on a cost recovery basis.

We will provide a full report analysing the key issues for in-house design, print, copier and reprographic units, and make a number of key recommendations.

All of these issues identified in our in-house review can be addressed through either the introduction of improved internal processes or an external provider, or a combination of both.