Wyse Solutions Space Management

The cost of prime office space in cities around the UK is a consistent headache for organisations in both the public and private sectors. When we undertake a review of print and copying inplants, we also consider the cost of maintaining this service on site. In most cases, our research has shown that it is not the most cost effective use of space.

Wyse Solutions Shared Services reduce costs, achieve greater value for money and improve services ...

In one organisation, Wyse Solutions reduced an inplant from 5000sq ft. to circa 500sq ft. In this case, not only did we make substantial savings in the accommodation costs, but the space was used for another function, and generated revenue of £100,000 per annum.

In another case, we were approached to review the amount of space used by a number of libraries, in respect of total storage, shelving and associated running costs. Following a review, we were able to recommend a plan that has allowed the libraries to store the books and manage the service under one roof, in a significantly cheaper location. The vacated space is now used to enhance the student experience, and generates significant new revenues for the institutions involved.

Wyse Solutions can clearly demonstrate how to consolidate expensive property assets, by re-purposing them. The way in which this particular resource is allocated, makes better, more profitable use of space and reduces its overall cost.