Wyse Solutions appointed by cross-Government Consortium to provide independent advice to the Public Sector (RM1599 Lot 4 Winner)

Delivering value for money - we guarentee to save you between 15 - 40% on print, copier and mailing costs

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Wyse Solutions appointed by cross-Government Consortium to provide independent advice to the Public Sector

Wyse is delighted to announce that we have been appointed by a Consortium comprising Government Procurement Service (formerly known as OGC Buying Solutions), ESPO (Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation) and YPO to provide Print Audit services to cross-government functions and departments under a recent OJEU competitive tender process.

With a legal remit to trade across the whole of UK public sector, and having tendered on behalf of the public sector and associated agencies, Government Procurement Service, ESPO and YPO are enabling organisations which choose to procure under the resultant framework (RM1599 Lot 4 winner) to save themselves time and money by accessing these specialist consultancy services at prices that are lower than would otherwise normally be available.

Indeed, this is the first time that such a leading Public Sector Consortium has made provision for the kinds of services Wyse has been delivering for over 10 years, a clear acknowledgement of the need for customers to be able to access a truly independent view of their situation with a view to objectively informing customer strategy.

Customers who engage Wyse under this new Framework will retain ownership of the data produced under the Print Audit, which in itself will assist them – as Wyse have done for many Public Sector organisations to date – with identifying opportunities for achieving Savings, Standardisation and Rationalisation of their printed output fleet. The provision of services under Lot 4 of Framework RM1599 is clearly and deliberately distinct from any such services or audits purported to be offered by suppliers under the Lots covering hardware or software provision, to enable customers to access genuinely independent advice and help them to achieve true transparency of pricing.

Click on printaudits2012@wysesolutions.co.uk to contact Wyse now, and find out how we can assist you in reducing costs, improving stakeholder productivity and implementing robust and sustainable practices, to ensure you remain in control of your printed output strategy and so deliver further financial efficiencies throughout 2012 and beyond.

Recognition of our demonstrable results

For over ten years, Wyse Solutions have delivered Print Audit and Consulting services to Public Sector organisations, typically generating savings of between 15 and 40%. Our proprietary LeanPrint™ model has been developed from over thirty Public Sector Print Audit and Consulting engagements. Common to each and every Audit is an absolute focus on optimum asset utilisation and balanced deployment, across all output devices, and between internally and externally produced documents, prioritising both cost efficiency and productivity to deliver results.

Get ahead of the game

Subsequent to the establishment of this Government framework, it is quite possible that in the near future, Universities, Colleges, Local Councils and other Public Sector entities will be mandated to demonstrate the measures they have taken to address what has been described as the last significant ‘hidden cost’ within the organisation’s operating model.