Print, document production and management solutions for UK universities

Expected cuts are starting to affect universities. Numbers are static but funding is being cut. This means that instituions will have to make efficiency savings in order to keep going, without harming service levels.

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Over the past 10 years, Wyse Solutions has specialised in delivering 'Real Cost Reduction Programmes' to Universities around the whole of the UK. The wide ranging programmes focused on Print, Document Production and Document Management Services.

Cost Efficiency has to be accompanied by Quality Improvement and Process Simplification. Wyse has helped Universities around the UK achieve Cost Efficiency Savings of over £10m in the last 5 years alone.

These are substantial savings and are accompanied by improvements in process, job turnaround times and overall quality.

In the past year, Wyse undertook a review of the VAT Status for Print within a University. The outcome was for them to change their recharging mechanism and save over £50,000 per annum. This piece of work had a payback for them within 4 months.

Wyse expects to be able to save a University between 15-40% of their current print spend. We also guarantee savings of at least 10% per annum on a sustainable basis with commitment that you don't pay for the consultancy if the savings and improvements we recommend do not deliver the results we predict.


Education Case Studies


In 2008, one London Univeristy saved over £700k in year one following the consultancy project. These savings stemmed from a 'Value for Money Review'. The savings have grown in subsequent years and they are now spending over £1m less per annum than they were before the VFM review. As a consequence of the review, job turnaround times have improved by 80% during their peak term periods.


Another University in the North of England has turned a budget deficit into a surplus of over £100k per annum by using Wyse's Technical Knowledge and Print Tendering Experience. Wyse use the procurement knowledge inherent in the University structure and overlay their market knowledge and expertise to deliver efficiency savings and service improvement.